Bringing clients to yes for your designs without more changes.

Have you ever felt frustrated when your client asked you to change only one colour in the palette? And unable to convey that this change may cause terrible damage to the design?

Hmm, I got you covered.

Here are a few important tips and tricks to break all those glass ceilings.

Explaining the design process clearly:

Explaining the design process will make the clients understand the effort and time required for a task. Being a design pilot and a problem solver, it is the responsibility of a designer to clarify the importance of the process to attain a quality solution ahead.

Understanding Client’s View:

Talk to clients. Most…

Micro-Interactions are everywhere, right from the web to the app. It has become one of the most important factors to provide a pleasing experience for users.

What are Micro-Interactions

Micro-Interactions are the functional, Interactive details of the products. These are trigger-feedback pairs. There are four parts of micro-interactions namely,

Ever wondered what is Heuristic Evaluation and how complicated is it. Here are the answers to all your questions regarding Heuristic Evaluation.

What is a Heuristic Evaluation?

Heuristic Evaluation is a technique to evaluate the usability of the interfaces with a predefined set of rules. It can be used to evaluate the user-friendliness of a product at any point in time.

What is the difference between Heuristic Evaluation and Usability Testing?

Usability Testing is usually conducted with the target users and the results are evaluated. In Heuristics, the evaluation process does not require the target users to conduct the evaluation. Heuristic evaluation can be done with experts without the help of a user group.


User Research is the most important stage in the Research Process. This helps us to understand the problems and pain points of the users in detail. The observations and findings in User Research give a clear picture of the prospective solution.

What is User Research?

User Research is the process to understand the pain points and needs of the user. This helps in obtaining the important and real information necessary for design decisions. There is a various number of methods to obtain information from users.

Various methods for conducting user research:


Surveys are used to collect data in a large amount simultaneously from a large number of people. …

What is VUI?

Voice User Interface is an interface which enables voice interaction between human and devices. Visuals can be added as a complement to give a better understanding of users in some cases.

Advantages of VUI:

While talking about the advantages of VUI, there are endless possibilities to explore, one of them is making the uneducated people perform complex tasks, making the old aged mobile users explore more options in mobile. Imagine driving a car with VUI or writing code with VUI in future!, Voice interface is a great power to enhance digital experiences.

Process of VUI:

1) User Research:

User research is the most important process to identify problems and…

A Quick Guide to Information Architecture in UX

After the user research, one of the earliest steps in the UX design process is Information Architecture(IA). It is one of the most important section in the UX design process, In this article, I am going to discuss the process of IA and the factor needs to be considered while designing IA.

What is Information Architecture(IA)?

Information Architecture is organising the options and functions according to users needs in a logical way right from sign-up until the completion of the task. IA is necessary to make the flow of a website or an app seamless.

Process of Information Architecture:

As mentioned by Soojin Sielle Kim in her article

Tips and tricks to improve UI

Have you ever wondered how to make an old application/web page to a new looking one? Well! here are some tricks to make it happen.

1. Use Simple fonts:

Using simple fonts will enhance the look of the website. Do not use fonts with flourishes for cards, this may reduce the readability of texts. There are some underlying factors like readability, users/target audiences, etc., that need to be considered while choosing the right font for a website. Simple fonts are very effective, a problem like readability is already sorted out in simple fonts.

2.Use custom shadows:

Using shadows is very important to provide depth and to differentiate…

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