A cheat sheet to make an application/web page look new

Tips and tricks to improve UI

Sabitha Shree
3 min readOct 7, 2020


Have you ever wondered how to make an old application/web page to a new looking one? Well! here are some tricks to make it happen.

1. Use Simple fonts:

Using simple fonts will enhance the look of the website. Do not use fonts with flourishes for cards, this may reduce the readability of texts. There are some underlying factors like readability, users/target audiences, etc., that need to be considered while choosing the right font for a website. Simple fonts are very effective, a problem like readability is already sorted out in simple fonts.

2.Use custom shadows:

Using shadows is very important to provide depth and to differentiate, but using default shadows for components may make the screen look older, so use custom shadows to make it look natural and new.

Well! want to know how to make the shadows look perfect, here is the link to a great article which can help you make perfect shadows.

3. Use new gradients:

Gradients are everywhere in digital media now, but did you notice these gradients are prettier than before?

Yes!, these are new gradients. The new gradients have a good balance of two colours, choosing the right colours and placement of gradient pointers makes it prettier.

Here is the link of an article to make great gradients:)

4. Minimal design:

Keep it simple, include what is important and necessary, don't overload the screens with information. Reducing the unwanted elements in screens gives a clean way for the user to scan through.

5. Start with 1 colour:

Using more number of colours in screens may confuse the user, using a single colour or two along with colours like black and white will guide the user properly, this will make the website/app look clean and minimal.

Source: K-RON Paris, “Web design”, July 1st 2020

5. Follow design trends:

Following design trends will make your screen look new. For example, Character illustrations are trending in 2020, using them in your screens will make your design look like a website made in 2020.

Source: Stella Gao, ”2.5d illustration”, December 23rd 2018

6. Add micro-interactions:

Micro-interactions are huge now, it brings delight to the user while interacting with screens. Micro-interactions cannot be used in all digital elements, so check whether they make sense or not.

Thanks for reading!😀