A cheat sheet to make an application/web page look new

Tips and tricks to improve UI

Have you ever wondered how to make an old application/web page to a new looking one? Well! here are some tricks to make it happen.

1. Use Simple fonts:

2.Use custom shadows:

Well! want to know how to make the shadows look perfect, here is the link to a great article which can help you make perfect shadows.

3. Use new gradients:

Yes!, these are new gradients. The new gradients have a good balance of two colours, choosing the right colours and placement of gradient pointers makes it prettier.

Here is the link of an article to make great gradients:)

4. Minimal design:

5. Start with 1 colour:

Source: K-RON Paris, “Web design”, July 1st 2020

5. Follow design trends:

Source: Stella Gao, ”2.5d illustration”, December 23rd 2018

6. Add micro-interactions:

Thanks for reading!😀

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